Fulford Village Design Statement

Friday 16th July 2010

Consultation on the draft VDS takes place this weekend in the Old Library at Fulford Social Hall.

Friday July 16th: 3-8pm, Sat July 17th: 10-4pm. Sun July 18th: 2-4pm.

The draft will be on display and members of the steering group will be on hand to answer any questions - so do please come along and give your views.

The Fulford Village Design Statement Steering Group wishes to consult
all residents on the final draft version of Fulford’s Village Design
Statement, which will set out guidance for the design of all
development in the area, based on its history & existing character.

A Village Design Statement is a written piece of planning guidance
which, once adopted, must be taken into account by the planning
Authority (City of York) when determining planning applications or
shaping local development. It cannot stop change from happening, or
contradict the City's Local Plan, but it is designed to ensure that
new development is in harmony with its setting and makes a positive
contribution to the immediate environment.

This document should be produced by the whole community of Fulford
including local organisations and interested parties in the wider
area. Fulford Parish Council has been a major participant since
starting the process, with many different councillors taking an active
role, but the Steering Group remains an independent organisation with
support from CoYC Community Planning officers and funded by the Ward

What is a Village Design Statement?

It describes the distinctive character of a village and its
surrounding countryside;

It shows how that character can be identified at three levels:

- the landscape setting of the village,

- the shape of the settlement,

- the nature of the buildings themselves;

A VDS sets down design principles based on the distinctive local character

An effective Village Design Statement:

is developed, researched, written and edited by local people;

reflects the representative views of a community;

involves a wide cross-section of residents in its production;

describes the visual character of the village;

demonstrates how local character and distinctiveness can be
protected and enhanced in new development;

is compatible with the statutory planning system and its local application;

should be accepted as supplementary planning guidance (and thereby
influence developers and decisions on individual planning

is relevant to all forms and scale of development, and

is about managing change in the village, not preventing it.